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May 14 2022 | An Alex kind of day

Today was warm, 89º here in Boston. Even though I've lived here for over 20 years I still can't understand how the weather can be 45º one day and 89º the next, but i'll take it.

Alex is in the video doing what he loves to do, he got filthy but who cares, I still love him, Ha!

Went to the Filipino restaurant for lunch today, which also meant I got food to go for dinner tonight as it is so good and I only get there once every few months. Also bought 10 Empanadas to tide me over for the next few days. They really are that good.

My lavender and citronella that I recently planted in tubs on the front deck are doing great. Fingers crossed they stay alive.

It was just a nice warm normal day, no stress, no drama, thanks!

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