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A picture of me, the blog writer.


I'm Mark the host of the blog, hence the name.

I've worked in the pet industry for almost 20 years whether it's been training new pups, walking old pups, or selling dog food and dog toys at my stores. I've learned a few things about our furry friends and would like to share some of my tips, tricks, and opinions.

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My Story

After spending decades of working in different jobs – from bricklaying to booking flights as a travel agent,  from working as a chef to being a professional skydiving instructor, and even owning a restaurant – I have eventually found my passion: to take care of dogs and make sure our lovely furry companions are happy and healthy.

Fast forward to today, I have built my own daycare and two pet supply stores dedicated to providing a full-service experience for my clients. I love what I do and this was recognized when my daycare and stores were awarded the Best Of Boston twice and appeared on the  Boston A-List. My love for dogs has helped my daycare and stores survive a pandemic (that was tough), continuing my mission of helping the neighborhood by providing daycare, pet food, and toys, providing resources, and answering questions that old and new dog owners may have about taking care of their furry family members.


I consider Boston my home, and my three dogs (and a cat!) my family: Alex, a deaf and partially blind dog, I call him (The boss); Gilly, an incredibly affectionate dog whom multiple families have given up on (I'm his 4th family!); Kira, who's considered to be on the autism spectrum; and my cat Xanthie, a polydactyl cat rescued from under a friend's house. I can't wait to talk about them in this blog!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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